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Teaming Up with Nature Restore

Earlier this year I was in talks with friends about collaborating and working with other brands to expand your fan base and network. As I have spent a good chunk of my time taking hiatus after hiatus (talking having babies, moving and working a full time job) from the art world, I was open to speaking with other brands and seeing how we can offer a synonymous benefit to each other.

I decided to work with Nature Restore's team because it was in line with what I value as a small business, health and wellness and a woman led team.

Nature Restore prides themselves on providing the best certified organic ingredients. They have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and I myself have utilized their organic powders in my drinks and smoothie recipes.

We decided to work together and I wanted to create a character that encompasses the definition of the brand. I immediately thought a mushroom would be the best because they offer a wide variety of healthy mushroom powders on their website and everyone should know the awesome benefits of these cute fungi. That is how NR Mushroom was born. He is strong, he is healthy and he loves lavender and chamomile. He is definitely health savvy and wellness sophisticated!

Being a mom my self, I was particularly thrilled that the merchandise will be available in kids and baby/infant sizes too!

With that said, I hope you enjoy my collaboration with Nature Restore and please be sure to share any photos with me should you decide to purchase some of the cute kawaii NR Mushroom merchandise!

I will leave you with some product photos and a direct link to the merchandise section.

xoxo Jess

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