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A Freebie Before Vacation


Just wanted to upload this cute print out for you for personal use! Please subscribe to my website and I will let you know whenever I post more freebies.

The print out is in .PDF form and is 8.5x11 inches in size (regular printer paper). The images are fairly large (for a journal) so you can print 2 per page if you want it smaller.

After printing, you can use some scissors and cut out your favorite images and glue/tape them to your bullet journal, calendar, planner, notebook, diary, etc! I have an example below.

Pro Tip: Print on sticker paper to cut out the use of glue and tape!

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Please be sure to tag me @missmindful on instagram or I would love to see your creative work!

Remember, this is for personal use only!

Download • 1.77MB

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