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Here I will inform you of upcoming events, new products and exciting news.

Miss Mindful @ the MPK Night Market!!


Hi everyone! It's been a while, I hope all of you have been well. I have been preparing for the launch of a top secret project so I apologize if I have not gotten back to any of your messages. It started off with server problems then my schedule got very hectic :(


In between all the chaos, I accepted the opportunity to show my work at the Monterey Park Night Market!! The event info is to the left. Aside from all the food, booze and games, there will be a whole section dedicated to talented artists, 24 artists to be exact, I am sure a lot more talented than me!! So if you have the chance, please make your way over to Monterey Park. I can guarantee you will see a lot of amazing artwork.


Since this is my first time sharing  and selling my work with the public, I am pretty nervous! I decided to make it as simple as possible. I will have prints available for sale (cheaper than on my Etsy site), some original doodles, and a cute secret interactive suprise :)


Also, I will be drawing LIVE! You will be able to see me work on some doodles when you stop by. I am deciding whether or not I will be using watercolors or my copic markers. I might use both!!


So if you have time, please come by and support me and the Monterey Park Night Market. 








Meet&Greet - Rabeanco, Arcadia

Greetings! On Wednesday, July 31, 2013, I will be co-hosting the Grand Opening of a Rabeanco luxe leather purse and accessories store at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall. The event will take place from 3:00pm-8:00pm.


As the co-host, my goal is to meet and greet some of my fans and to meet new people, all the while representing a very trendy and luxe purse company ( In this digital world, we communicate and share via the web so I am particularly excited to actually shake hands with and personally talk to my fans. 


From what I hear, there will be refreshments, games, contests, and special in-store exclusives!! On top of that, I am packing up a little portion of my workstation to set up a little doodle stand at the new store. I will be drawing custom illustrations of new Rabeanco purse owners with their new purse.


For those who don't plan on purchasing anything, I will be bringing my very own Miss Mindful goodies. They are small but I hope you appreciate it :) 


Thank you and I hope to see you there!



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